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Forge viewer how-tos

This section of the documentation contains a series of articles from our blog containing examples using Vcad. Click on the links below to access the article that interests you.



Download the Power BI templates

Hide Autodesk Forge® and Vcad toolbars

Using the Api Key to open the template

Enbale the Autodesk Forge® viewer

Interact with the Vcad viewer



Import linked Revit files in Vcad

Using Revit views and sheets

Highlight rooms in 2D views

Filter the model by level



Camera positioning and Forge settings

Progress review using themes and colors

Import Vcad in an existing Power BI report

Setting model base theme to improve visibility

How to create your own Power BI template

Add more than one model in the same report

Replace a BIM model in an existing report

Update model version in Vcad Standalone

Set Power BI scheduled refresh 

Setting tooltips in Vcad

Managing large models


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