Spaces analysis

The report provides the user with all the necessary tools to have a detailed view of spaces, features and their use, thanks to PowerBI and Vcad viewer.
Data can be obtained directly from IFC files or from Vcad.

You can select building floors, details of specific areas or a set of areas highlighted by colors, filter the spaces combined with occupants of the structure.
The viewer will respond in real time to the filters showing the floors of interest and the highlighted areas.


Hydroelectric power plant measures

In the following report we simulate some types of necessary measures for the maintenance of a hydroelectric power plant. The Bim model used contains various typical components of a power plant such as penstocks, generators, bulkheads and cranes, which can be selected using a list.

The selection of the components permits to display the measures carried out by the worker and the following data: duration, reason, date and worker. The model, depending on the selection, highlights the component of interest and increases the zoom level on the object.


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