Report examples

Below you can find a series of sample Power BI reports built using Vcad.
The use cases and fields of application are many and varied, regardless what viewer is choosen, thanks to the versatility of Vcad and the enormous potential of Power BI in the manipulation and transformation of data.

You have access to a series of templates that you can download and then modify to your liking, adding data from external sources and creating reports using all the features of Power BI.
Additionally, you can create your own templates that we can link to your account so that you can generate reports for each of your models in seconds using the structure that best suits your purposes.

Write to us if you want to know more.

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The report focuses on the space analysis of a Revit model imported into Vcad.
Thanks to the new functionalities of Vcad and the integration with Forge, you can now export data from all the views in the model including the “master views”, which contain the data of the defined spaces and rooms.

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With Vcad it's possible to automatically generate a series of predefined templates ready to use, with tons of new information.
This example is a comparison model between two different versions of the same model in Autodesk Construction Cloud®.

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The report contains multiple linked .rvt files. At the moment of importing just choose the master file and download the template after the conversion process is completed. The Power BI dataset will contain assets and attributes of each linked model.

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Thanks to Vcad you can assign custom colors to the elements of the model.
In this example two different color themes are applied, by family and type, and the detail of assets and attributes are displayed.

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In this report we have grouped the model objects by category and family and added a table containing the attributes data directly extracted from the Revit file.

Autodesk Forge also allows visual grouping by clicking on the Cluster by category button.

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​Vcad can automatically extract quantities information from the Ifc files to use in the reports.
Volumes, areas and perimeters can be linked to visuals or as detail data in a list.

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As well as the Autodesk Forge viewer, you can choose to use the Open viewer and you will have a series of Power BI templates for analyzing the data of your .ifc files.

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The report provides the user with all the necessary tools to have a detailed view of spaces, features and their use, thanks to PowerBI and Vcad viewer. Data can be obtained directly from IFC files or from Vcad.

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In the following report we simulate some types of necessary measures for the maintenance of a hydroelectric power plant. The Bim model used contains various typical components of a power plant such as penstocks, generators, bulkheads and cranes, which can be selected using a list.

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​The report contains some examples of how, thanks to the integration between Vcad Viewer and PowerBI, it is possible to use the temperature and occupancy data of the rooms directly connected to the spatial data, both in 2D with the use of the plan in dwg format and in 3D.

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This example focuses on risk analysis by tenant. In the report we show the distribution of tenants on the floors of a building and the area occupied. We can go into the detail of the risk by filtering based on spaces or risk type indices such as aggregation, exposure and proximity.

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At the end of the lockdown period we will gradually begin to return to our former life albeit with due precautions. We decided to share this report hoping that it will inspire and help people and companies during the exit phase of the lockdown.

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