The custom visual Vcad allows the importing of your BIM files into Power BI.

Vcad extracts the data present in the model and imports it into the Power BI datasets already linked to the individual elements of the file.
The result is the possibility of having different Power BI templates ready to be used in a few clicks, focused on the analysis and management of assets or spaces, being able to choose whether to use the Open viewer or the Autodesk Forge viewer.


Vcad is a Custom Visual that uniquely and innovatively connects the world of BIM with Power Bi’s Business Intelligence tools. This integration allows users to import, transform and model data from external sources and with different formats, as well as advanced analysis of data to create reports and dashboards, that may be distributed and shared.

The Custom Visual Vcad provides full support for viewing and interacting with the 3D model and is capable of automatically importing data from Ifc and Revit files.


Vcad is suitable for any type of user, expert or not. From the upload to the conversion of the file to the generation of the templates, everything happens thanks to an automated process and without any need for technical knowledge on the user’s part. Once you have downloaded one of the sample templates on the Bim Services portal, that’s it.

The procedure for using Vcad and for generating templates was designed to simplify the use of the custom visual even for users who are not familiar with Power Bi.



Vcad is able to extract data from your Bim files and automatically import it into Power BI along with the model geometry. It allows you to consult every data present in each element of your files, to assign a color to objects by name, type or family, to animate your model by completion date and much more. The union of Vcad with Power BI and with the Autodesk Forge viewer gives life to a unique tool that can be used in different fields and for different purposes. Data analysis to make decisions in the pre-construction phase, monitoring the progress of the project, space analysis, plant control, asset management, consultation of quantities, sizes, areas.

You decide how to use Vcad!

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Buy the number of slots that suits your needs and upload your files


Download one of the templates and link the data to the viewer


Build your report adding other data sources to the templates


Share the reports you created with collegues or with customers


Grow your savings by controlling construction processes


It is easier to use Vcad than to explain how to do so.
Upload your file, wait for it to be converted, check the model and download one of the available templates.
That’s it!

One of the main features of Vcad is the ease of use.

Register on our portal and upload your file.


You can upload .ifc or .rvt files and choose whether to use the Open viewer or the Autodesk’s Forge viewer. At this moment it is not possible to load other formats but we are working on handling more.

Vcad automatically converts your files.

Contact us if the conversion process fails.

Once the file upload has been completed the file will be processed by the application, extracting the geometric and information data from the model.

Model preview available.

Check if your model is correctly displayed.


After the conversion process is finished click on the button next to the file name to check your model. Is something going wrong? Write to us, our support team will help you.

Premade templates available to download.

Download the prepared templates and start building your report.

In our platform you will find a series of prepared templates, each one built for a specific purpose, analysis of elements, spaces, colors and much more.


After uploading the file and waiting for the conversion, you can download a series of preconfigured templates.
The templates will contain the data extracted from the file and the geometric model linked to them. The number of templates made available will increase over time and it will be possible to create your own custom template to use with your account.

Are you ready to try Vcad?


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