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28 August 2023

The concept of Slot has great importance in the use of Vcad and also in defining the cost of the license.
Let us see below the meaning of the term Slot in each aspect in which it is used.


Slots and files

Each time a user imports a BIM file into Vcad, it occupies one slot.
Each slot can then be associated with a single file, such as a Revit file or a .dwg file. This also applies to linked Revit files and also to Navisworks files. Navisworks allows several files of different formats to be merged, and importing an .nwd or .nwc file actually occupies only one Slot.

Once a Revit file has been imported, it is also possible to download a template for each view or phase that the file contains. The articles below explain this concept in detail.

Revit files views selection

Create report using Revit views and sheets

There is no limit in the number of Power BI reports you can create from a single Slot. Finally, when the file is no longer needed, it can be deleted and the Slot can be occupied by a new file.


Slots and Vcad versions

The function of the slots for the different versions of Vcad (Standalone or for ACC) is mostly the same, but there is a substantial difference. In Vcad for Autodesk Construction Cloud© and BIM360©, in addition to the management of views and phases for Revit files, the user can generate Power BI reports from any version for any format managed by Vcad.

Whenever a new version of an existing file is uploaded to the Autodesk CDE, it does not overwrite the old one, but a new version is created. In Vcad for ACC, the user will then have access to all file versions and can generate reports from them occupying only one slot. This function is very useful if you need to compare different versions of the file, in the case of construction in progress, for example.

Furthermore, users who have created a Power BI report with a certain file version can update the report to a new version very easily and automatically. Learn how.

Finally, it should be noted that the use of runtime federations in Vcad for ACC requires a slot for each file used. Click here to know more.

Slots and Vcad licence costs

In addition to the duration, the cost of the Vcad licence is based on the number of slots the user needs.

The more Slots the licence includes, the lower the price per Slot.
Below are the licence costs of the two versions of Vcad for up to 20 Slots.

Vcad Standalone

Vcad for ACC

It is of course possible to purchase licences for more than 20 slots, up to an Enterprise solution, in which case a quotation must be requested.

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