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15 December 2021

Continuing the release of updated Vcad templates, we are releasing the new revit template.

Let’s have a look at what it looks like.

Template structure

The revit template is structured into 5 pages:

  • Summary
  • Themes
  • Asset Details
  • Ext Asset Details
  • Tree

Most of the report pages have been in the revit template before. In this article we are going to focus on the two new additions: “Summary” and “Ext Asset Details”.

Summary page

The new “Summary” page can provide an overview of the model used to create the report template.

As with the new navisworks template, the summary page contains an information button which will allow the user to navigate to a collection of useful resources for creating reports using Revit® models


The rest of the report page offers a more information about the model and the Revit project.

A “Model Data” card displays all available model information; this data is also accessible in the “VCAD_ModelProperties” data-set.

Finally, in the bottom left part of the report page there is some information about the views and phases exported by the model.

Please note: the Summary page is hidden and visible when the report is in edit mode. Before publishing the report it is possible to select a different initial page or delete it.


Ext Asset Details page

The “Ext Asset Details” page is structured as the familiar “Asset Details” page, but the tables are powered by the two new data-sets extracted, i.e., VCAD_ExtAsset, and VCAD_ExtProperties.

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