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16 April 2024

We are excited to announce a new feature on VCAD that will make the process of importing files more customizable. Starting today it will be possible to choose the conversion type for your BIM files directly from the import dialog window.

Vcad allows to extract the data present in the BIM model and then make it available for download or for the Power BI and Tableau dataset. This extraction is done using different technologies or approaches. For IFC files for example, we can extract the geometric part using Autodesk Platform Services, while the data can be extracted using tools such as XBim, IFC Open Shell or APS itself.

Each of these types of extraction has strengths and application environments where it is best suited, starting today the user will be able to choose the type of conversion. Each user will have set the default conversion used so far but can choose a new type of data conversion.

Once you’ve selected the file you want to import now you can choose, from the “Conversion Type” dropdown menu the configuration that best suits your needs.


Vcad Standalone new file upload window



Vcad for ACC new file upload window




This option is available for RVT and IFC formats. For these types of files, you can choose different ways to convert them. Let’s take a closer look at each option:



Legacy: outdated configuration.
Xbim data: APS geometries and table data structure in IFC format extracted using Open Xbim libraries, divided in site, building, storey, spaces etc.
IfcOpenShell: APS geometries and table data structure in IFC format extracted using IFC Open Shell libraries. An improvement of Xbim data extraction.
APS data: APS geometries and table data extracted using APS. IFC data structured in the Navisworks schema, i.e. assets and properties.



Legacy: outdated configuration.
APS data: APS geometries and table data extracted using APS. An improvement of Legacy extraction.


NOTE: once the file has been converted, it will not be possible to switch to a different conversion type except by freeing the slot and reconverting the file again. Each conversion type has its own template associated with it, and data completeness is guaranteed in every case.

For all new file uploads, APS data conversion is recommended.



This new feature will allow users to experiment with different types of conversions and ease in to using new conversions when required.

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