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17 December 2021

The announcement by our partner BUNG Unternehmensgruppe

We are pleased to announce that we, the BUNG Unternehmensgruppe, together with the company Blogic – an innovative specialist in the development of IT infrastructure and efficient BIM software solutions – have concluded a cooperation group.

The goal of the partnership is to implement VCad digital tools in connection with PowerBI to deploy widely applicable solutions in the field of BIM modeling and data management during the entire lifecycle of a building.

The joint development enables versatile and individually configurable application areas that are currently already implemented in some major infrastructure projects.

  • Direct integration of all project participants for the use of model-based PowerBI reports
  • Provision of clear and user-friendly information via model reference
  • Integration of BIM models into PowerBI reports to optimize data management and dynamic data analysis
  • Model-based construction oversight and construction management processes
  • Automatic linking of execution or inventory plans with a model
  • Visual representation of maintenance conditions on the model by linking with maintenance intervals/intensity for the next construction operation
  • Involving the public in construction measures by providing a virtual model-based construction guide

The BUNG Unternehmensgruppe is Blogic’s direct and exclusively certified consulting partner in the field of BIM process management with PowerBI, Autodesk Forge and VCAD.
Through cooperation with Blogic, we would like to develop new ways for existing and future BIM use cases and BIM projects in order to actively shape the digital transformation of the construction and real estate industry.

You can view a current application at the Kramer Tunnel (Bavaria’s longest road tunnel after completion) for a virtual building tour by clicking here.


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