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Vcad solution overview

Vcad is a complete solution that enables the integration of BIM models and data into Power BI reports. With Vcad users can create elaborate reports and dashboards that feature fully interactive 2D and 3D BIM models that can be used to display information as well as apply filters in the report.


Solution Details

The Vcad solution is composed of several moving parts that collaborate to produce a flexible solution. The three main ones are:

  1. BIM data Extraction.
  2. PBI report template generation.
  3. Custom visual.


BIM Data Extraction

Vcad can process the user’s BIM models and return several data-sets containing all of the BIM information (Assets, Spaces, Properties, etc.). The extracted data-sets can then be used to enhance Power BI reports with BIM data.


PBI Report Template Generation

Vcad can automatically generate Power BI report templates containing the extracted BIM data as well as an interactive rendering of the model. The report templates can be generated based on some sample templates that are available for all, or based on private custom templates developed by the users.


Custom Visual

The Vcad custom visual for Power BI allows the interactive rendering of BIM models within Power BI reports. The rendered model will react to selections made by other visuals and may be used to make selections and filter the rest of the report. When adding Vcad to a Power Bi report, two possible viewers are available: Open Viewer and Autodesk Forge® viewer.


Available Platforms

Vcad comes in two main flavors: Vcad Standalone and Vcad for BIM360/ACC.
Vcad Standalone is the original version of Vcad and offers a well-rounded solution to manage BIM data in Power BI reports.
Vcad for BIM360/ACC is an integration with the Autodesk® cloud platforms, specifically BIM360™ and Autodesk Construction Cloud™, this integration brings a host of additional features and is best suited for managing large models.


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