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The Infraworks template, available to all Vcad users, is a good starting point for creating Power BI reports based on IWM models.


Report pages

The report template is divided in the following pages to showcase some of the possibilities when using Vcad:

  1. Summary
  2. Asset Details
  3. Asset Details – Tooltips
  4. Asset Markers
  5. Asset Colors



The page offers a brief overview of the model structure and the extracted data.


Asset Details

The main features of the “Asset Details” page are the rendering of the model and two related tables: Asset List and Property List.

The Asset List table contains all the extracted assets present in the model.
By selecting rows in the table, the model will be filtered and highlight the selected asset.

The Property List table presents all the extracted properties of the various assets in the model.
When the Assets List table is selected, the Property List table will display only the properties of the selected asset.

The report page also contains Category table list.


Asset Details – Tooltips

Same page as Asset Details with application of tooltips on objects.


Asset Markers

The “Markers” page contains a rendering of the BIM model with markers for each asset. The markers are automatically placed in the geometric center of each asset.

The page also includes other visuals to filter assets and markers.


Asset Colors

The “Themes” page contains a rendering of the IWM model and tables, which display theme colors based on: layers and names of the objects extracted from the IWM drawing.

The theme coloring option has been enabled for the custom visual in this page and the color themes have been bound to the visual, allowing users to select which colors to apply to the model.


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