• Management of drawings
  • Management of history drawing
  • Dwg editing from web
  • Polyline association
  • Massive data entry
  • Selectable objects
  • Plan revolution
  • Export excel
  • Export dwg or pdf format


  • Inserting new polylines
  • Modificating current polylines
  • Inserting new layers
  • Editing blocks
  • Adding documents or photos
  • Local or automatic numbering
  • Copying objects
  • Selecting parent object
  • Seeing or hiding info on mouseover
  • Measuring instruments
  • Adaptive drawings to screen
  • Zoom +/- and much more…

Vcad offers the best solution for spatial management connected to imported dwg drawings.


The interface provides the possibility to highlight areas and data related to use destination, size of surfaces, availability and much more. All visible in real time 2D and Bim.


Discover other functionality about Vcad



Through a simple and intuitive interface Vcad provides the tools for management of building areas.

The viewer allows to have an overview of all the floors of the building or to zoom in on each floor. Thanks to a set of filters designed to have total control over the structure, it’s possible to highlight areas of interest and customize all the information you need.

From the management of the use destination of the rooms, to the number of doors or windows, to the classification, up to the height of the areas, the set of manageable information is practically boundless and can be implemented according to the needs of the user.

Vcad allows to print every kind of planimetries and export them in pdf and excel format choosing among a large number of options: background, resolution, scale, angle, format, raster, legend and much more. 


Building with floors highlighted

Areas can be highlighted on all floors of the building for a complete overview.

Building with floors view

User can display all the plans of a single building with the possibility to zoom in on a single floor.

Single floor view

Each floor can be displayed in the foreground through a simple and intuitive interface that provides, among other things, information related to each area.

Single floor info

Depending on zoom level, user can display a set of fully customizable information related to each compartment.

Floor with highlighted area

User can highlight a single area of interest of the floor.

Floor with full highlighted areas

It is possible to highlight all the areas.

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