• Census campaign
  • Combination dwg block and photos to asset
  • Insert asset directly on dwg drawing
  • Add asset from storage
  • Zoom, rotate, movement on dwg drawing
  • Edit asset attributes
  • Manage virtual storage
  • Excel export with all information
  • Asset history
  • Dwg export with info and selected blocks
  • Hide/show layers
  • Asset view filtered for type or room


  • Modifing
  • Moving
  • Inserting
  • Deleting
  • Adding documents or photos


  • Geographical filter
  • Filter by type and/or values
  • Filter for census campaign
  • Filter for macro type of assets
  • Possibility to cross all the filters

Vcad manages Bim models allowing the visualization of all the information related to structure, materials, dimensions and any other features.
The display of assets is realized directly on the model.


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Bim (Building Information Modeling) is a 3D model-based process that gives architecture, and construction professionals the insight and tools plan, design, construct, and manage buildings and structures.

Thanks to Vcad you can efficiently manage all the information that belongs to any structure. From the materials up to the dimensions and every characteristic needed by the final user.

As with the Cad drawings, it is possible to display the entire structure or a single floor and work on them and on the assets.

Definition of spaces, movement of assets, insertion of information directly on the model and customization of the functions are just some of the features provided by Vcad.



Building view

Total view of Bim model.

Single floor view

User can zoom in on a single floor and manage assets. 

Single floor view with themas

Single floor view with assets and highlighted areas.

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