• Census campaign
  • Combination dwg block and photos to asset
  • Add asset directly on dwg drawing
  • Add asset from storage
  • Zoom, rotate, movement on dwg drawing
  • Edit asset attributes
  • Manage virtual storage
  • Excel export with all information
  • Asset history
  • Dwg export with info and selected blocks
  • Asset view filtered for type or room


  • Modifing
  • Moving
  • Inserting
  • Deleting
  • Adding documents or photos


  • Geographical filter
  • Filter by type and/or values
  • Filter for census campaign
  • Filter for macro type of assets
  • Possibility to cross all the filters

Vcad allows asset management directly on imported dwg drawing.


In a single tool user can manage every assets: insertion, movement from floor to floor, changement of attributes, deletion, up to the possibility of creating targeted censuses. All the assets can be displayed in real time, both in 2d and Bim.


Discover other functionality about Vcad


Management of thousands of assets has never been easier.

The viewer allows user to have a general view of all the assets on various floors or on a single floor, with the possibility to filter them by room, type or attribute.

Vcad allows the loading and visualization of assets directly from imported dwg. After that, every operation is possible: modification, deletion, insertion, identification and so on. Each asset can be configured according to type and can be associated to the features needed by user.

Vcad can manage large-scale censuses’ asset. Through smartphone or tablet the creation of inventories and censuses is realized directly on the drawing and transmitted in a few seconds to a central server.

Moreover, thanks to the versatility of Vcad it is possible to manage the assets both on the cad drawing and on the Bim model keeping the same functions in the two interfaces.


Floors view with assets

Assets can be highlighted on all floors of a building for a complete overview.

Single floor with assets

Single floor with asset highlighted. User can also move asset from floor to floor and change attributes.

Bim model with assets

Asset management directly on Bim model 

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